WordPress is a free and community made Platform to create a Blog.

you can add plugin and themes to add more functionality to this platform and also to change the design

Using wordpress will allow you to make the site very easily and a novice user can make the changes in the back end of this software without any software using the normal browser.

It is simple to install and their are plenty of designer and developers for WordPress.

Using these themes you can change the look of the site without changing the code or the content of the site extremely fast and easy and if you are a developer you will be able to make all the changes yourself easily and to understand the dynamics of different pages in a very short time installing new plugins ( that are either free or very low cost ) is as simple as uploading the plugin and activating it and the same goes for the theme of the site.

WordPress uses posts and Pages to classify the content on the site. Pages are the block of content that are permanent on the site in every page. and the posts are categorized and displayed in order that they have been posted to the site so the newest post will be the first on the homepage and so on they are also can be categorised in categories and subcategories.

All content on the WordPress site is search-able and using different widgets you can add anything from a social media content, Simple HTML or JavaScript to any other thing that you can possibly need on your site simply and very fast.

you can use plugins to turn your site into an ecommerce site, real-state site or even an Invoice system simply by installing a free or very cheap plugins that mostly you can directly download and install from the admin side of wordpress itself.

WordPress updates itself automatically so there are no complicated update steps that you need to go through. And as far as the minimum requirements goes they are very few we as long as you have a hosting account that runs PHP 4.2 and MySQL 4.2 you are good to go.

WordPress hosting best found in shared hostings as they are cost effective and reliable. for more information about wordpress stay tune or maybe look at our web development tutorials here in developers creed.

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