Best WordPress plugin to Manage all Ads on your website


Putting Adverts on your site is very easy thing to do however the problem arises when you have too many Ads on one site and not necessarily on the same page, by that I mean when you put the Ads on the page and then you have to do it again and again and to top it off when you have an advert that is only valid for a specific dates like an offer for black friday. Managing all of these ads is time-consuming and you have to remember every single one of them.

That’s why using a plugin like “Ozh’ Who Sees Ads” will help, unfortunately this plugin is discontinued but you can get it from the authors website and I haven’t had any problems using it in this and other blogs, the plugin will take care of everything for you, all you do is install it, activate it and then put your Ads inside the plugin on the admin panel, plugin then will give you a short code  that you can use in any plugin, post or pages that you like and also it will create widgets for them as well so you can just add the widgets and get started.

Now here is another thing, you don’t have to use this plugin just for adverts, if you have a content that has to be shown for certain conditions you can use this plugin to manage them. What I like about this plugin is the fact that after adding the advert in the plugin you will only add the short code on each place that you want to show adverts therefore if you have to change something in the advert you can just change it in the plugin panel or if you want to take the ad off the same just do it in the plugin panel and you are done, you don’t have to go through every single page to make it happen just in one place that will save you a lot of time.

In this WordPress plugin you can specify when your adverts has to be shown here are the list of conditions that are pre-made in the admin panel for you:

  1. If visitors are from search engine the display or not display the advert.
  2. If they are a regular reader you can show or hide the ads and you can specify who is a regular reader.
  3. If the post is older than so many days to show or to hide the adverts
  4. show the adverts only if the visitor is logged in or only if they are not logged in (so if you want to tell your visitors that the can get something if the subscribe by becoming a member you just found the way to do that easily!)
  5. Show the adverts only between two different dates
  6. Only show the advert so many times and not more than that
  7. Only show an advert to each visitor so many times and not more this is fantastic if your WordPress website is being click bombed because they only going to see the advert 10, 20 or 30 times(you can define it as you see fit).
  8. show another ad if the other conditions for the adverts are not met so if you don’t want to show people coming to your site from Google; and advert from click Back you can set it up here as the secondary and the first one will be the Adsense for example.
  9. You can also choose to display the advert at all times with no limitations.
  10. You can also Set your own conditions (for these you need to know a little about PHP and WordPress functions and conditions)
  11. Also you can have it to show everyone the normal ad and for the admin showing a color filled area for the advert so you don’t accidentally click on your own adverts
With this plugin you can manage both the content of your site and the Advertisement, offers,etc. on your site completely and it is so easy to use.
Leave a comment and let me know what do you think about this plugin?

Top WordPress plugin for putting ads directly into your posts and pages


There are times that you want the Ads just be on the pages of your site but you don’t want to spend hours putting the Ads on it! Like the time that you invite someone to write on your blog as a guest or for whatever reason you don’t write the posts for your site from time to time in these cases you can use Ad Injection to make it easier on yourself.

This WordPress plugin will put the ads which can be a banner, an AdSense or any other form of Ads on top, button and somewhere in the middle of the page randomly or at the footer of the page, it can cycle between different banners and ads for you. 

You can use it to show ads in a widget as well and you can specify how many ads are to be shown for different Articles like if the article has only 100 words only show 1 ad and if it has 500 words show 2 and so on.

You can format the Ads as well on the admin panel and show ads only to people coming from search engines (or everyone) or choose to ban a cretin IP address so they can’t see your ads.

IF you have used this plugin let me know what you think of it, leave a comment bellow:


A WordPress Plugin to add people to your Google plus account


One of the newest things in web design/development and in marketting your site is google+ these days. A few people how where invited by Google Plus now manage to make it one of the if not the fastest growing Social media on the planet and for design and implementation point of view well all you need to do is go to Google and get the code but how do you add someone to your Google+ Circle? I don’t mean from the Google plus site what I mean is from your website like the one on this site.

After all What is the point of having a Google Plus account if you don’t have so many people to add to it and communicate with them, specially if you have a Circle made just for your website. This is true for most businesses as they need to communicate with their clients and yes Facebook and Twitter works but clients now will be asking for Google Plus pretty soon.

Well if you are using WordPress there is a WordPress Plugin that does it for you and it is very easy thing to do. First you install it and activate it and then it will give you a Widget that you can just add to the side bar and after that all you have to do is adding your own Google Plus ID(the long number at the end of your Google+ URL) and you are set.

This WordPress Plugin is called googleCards and you can see the result on this website. Please let me know what you think about this plugin or if you have a better suggestion for a plugin in the comments.


WordPress Plugin to Backup your WordPress Installation.


No matter how secure is your site, sooner or later someone somehow will hack your site and will destroy what you have built, and even that doesn’t happen severs break down and mistakes happen and they all result in you loosing a website that you have worked so hard to build. So how would you protect yourself against this? well the best way is to just backup your site regularly. Depend on how active is the site it can be from backup every hour to every month.

Backing up a WordPress Powered Website is not that difficult you can backup your WordPress Powered Website manually and without any application or script if you want to do this once or twice, but the process is very time-consuming.

And here comes the WordPress Backup (by BTE) Plugin! It automatically backup your WordPress Website including Themes, Plugins Images folder and the database as often as you want and here is the best part is it is done Automatically for you and to top it off you have two different options as to where the backup files have to go to; You can set it up to send you an email with each backup as an attachment as long as it is small enough to be sent as an email, it also stores them on the server so you can just click and download them on the Admin panel.

After setting up the plugin and it’s configurations which is basically how often to back up and what email to send it to and where to store it, all you have to do is check your email to get your backups. Now tell me that is not cool!

There is also another WordPress Plugin called WordPress Database Backup that will just backup the database which is a very good way to go if you are not making a lot of changes to your WordPress Theme or Plugins and just need the content of the site to be safe. In this plugin you have the option of choosing what tables to back up and just like the last one you can have it sent to you by email or save to server so you can download it to your desktop and you can schedule backups as frequently as an hour to as far as monthly backups.

Any of these two plugin can be used to make sure that no matter what happens your site and your content is always safe and secure from damage or hacking by anyone.


WordPress Plugin to check the validity of the links inside your post


Internet is a very dynamic environment if you think about it, it’s constantly changing, new websites go online and some old sites will be gone even if they have important information. 

If you have a blog or a website you know that from time to time you will post some links inside your posts and if you come back in a few months, weeks or even days you will find few of these links being broken for what ever the reason. In order to make sure that you will not disappoint your visitors you will have to check every links in your site’s content to find and remove these broken links which like broken promises to the client will make them not trusting your site in the future.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a WordPress Plugin that will automatically check all the links in all posts and pages of your site and will send you an email letting you know that how many broken links are in your website, in addition you have the ability to have a widget on your dashboard that will show you the result of this link checking that is done automatically and without any further intervention from you.

You can find Broken Link Checker from here or by searching the WordPress plugin depository. as for the installation it could not be any easier all you ave to do is to install using the install plugin section of WordPress and then activate it.


A WordPress Plugin to stop WordPress Talking to itself!


When you make a connection between your blog and another blog, your blog will talk to the other blog and tell it that it has made a connection o the page or post on it, this is known as pinging and it is a very good thing as it will connect the relevant content to each other however if you connect your post or page to another part of your own site WordPress will start talking to itself and telling itself that it has made a connection and for me; well that’s  just annoying because everytime I make a post and I connect to another one that has relevant information about the subject that I am writting about I will get a ping back which then I have to delete as I don’t want it in.

There is a WordPress Plugin called No Self Pings this plugin will solve that problem by automatically removing all the pingbacks from your own site when you add them in.

By using this plugin I don’t need to worry about the ping backs from my own site and the ping backs from the other sites; are treated as a ping back should which makes it much easier to work on the site. You could say it makes the WordPress stop talking to itself!


QR-code plugin for WordPress ~ A visual shortcut for your site


QR codes or Quick Response codes also known as 2D bar-code are not a very new thing however even now there are a lot of sites or advertising campaigns that do not use this technology. look at the top right of this page you should see an image now if you scan it with your smart-phone or ipad you will be directly taken to this page which makes the finding this page a breeze.

QR codes make the process of bookmarking a lot easier for your users as all they need to do is to scan an they can do this from the screen or even from a printed version of the web page of course QR codes can be used to transfer other information to your users for example in a contact page for a professional person you can make a QR code that will give the user information about how to contact you. They can be printed(because they just have to be scanned and that is all) on a business card.

Now if you want to add a QR code to your WordPress powered website you can code the QR code using Google APIs or you can use different Plugins for WordPress that will allow you to do this. I have tried a few of them but the one that I have found to be the easiest to use is “Super Cool QRCode” this plugin will give you 3 different options to add QR code to your site easily:

  1. It gives you a widget to put on your sidebar like the one in this website.
  2. You will have a short-code to use inside your posts and pages
  3. You will also get a PHP function so you can hard code it inside your own template.

The set up process could not be any easier all you have to do is to go to your plugin section of WordPress and go to new Plugin, in the Search bar type in the name “Super Cool QRCode” and then click on the install, after its done just activate and your done

To read more about QR code and specifically this plugin and how to use it; look at the authors site here.