As a web developer I thought that this list of top 5 web design mistakes would help us make a much better websites you. I have been told this in a web development course but now you can hear it from a web consultant.

1 : Lack of balanced in design:

So many websites are having this problem for example you can find so many ecommerce websites that are made only in flash and they are not suitable for anyone with screen reader but they look fantastic or they are a lots of websites that are simply made for visually impaired but they don’t look appealing to a non-impaired person.
Have a look at firebox as an example

2 : Use online value proposition:

This is a reason why you stand out here you are telling people that; We are popular and: so many people are in this site right now or here are what other people or customers say about us.
This will give your customers confidence that they can trust you.
A very good example of this is

3 : Goals of the page is not clear for each page:

So you have a website that each page is not specific to a task like you are taking an order, selling something else and you let the customer contact you at the same page. this will confuse the visitor and so many will get confuse and leave the site all together so avoid it like a plague.

4 : SEO is not done for it:

A lot of websites done don’t have a real SEO done for it they simply put some text and images together and leave it at that. A proper SEO for a website is essential for them to have customers and id not that difficult to achieve. All you have to do is to train your writers or so some simple SEO for your client like Title tags, Description and mentioning your keyword few time in the content of the site and consider using LSI in the content.

5 : Lack of flexibility of design and it is not updated constantly:

Unless you do a review of the layout of the page and try different method that user can perform a task or see the website you may be loosing a lot of opportunities so update the interface of the site and try different ways. It works otherwise companies like Amazon or lovefilm would not change their interface almost everyday.

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