I just found this WordPress plugin that will let you to create a Sliding Panel that you can simply put an HTML in, into your WordPress website with ease. Perfect if you want to give the client something like a brand new login page on top of this one or if they want to get a feedback from the visitor, the possibilities are endless.

This plugin is called TheThe Sliding Panels and yes it has two “The” in the name. Here are a few examples of what you can make with this plugin just think about that annoying login/registration page, Now you can loose it.

Remember that registration page that make the visitor forget why they are there in the first place(I have been to a few, trust me that was not fun so I didn’t register with them) well if you use this wordpress plugin the visitor will see what they are getting for that information they are giving you.







Use full hah well that is what you get for coming to Developer’s Creed, lol.

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