QR codes or Quick Response codes also known as 2D bar-code are not a very new thing however even now there are a lot of sites or advertising campaigns that do not use this technology. look at the top right of this page you should see an image now if you scan it with your smart-phone or ipad you will be directly taken to this page which makes the finding this page a breeze.

QR codes make the process of bookmarking a lot easier for your users as all they need to do is to scan an they can do this from the screen or even from a printed version of the web page of course QR codes can be used to transfer other information to your users for example in a contact page for a professional person you can make a QR code that will give the user information about how to contact you. They can be printed(because they just have to be scanned and that is all) on a business card.

Now if you want to add a QR code to your WordPress powered website you can code the QR code using Google APIs or you can use different Plugins for WordPress that will allow you to do this. I have tried a few of them but the one that I have found to be the easiest to use is “Super Cool QRCode” this plugin will give you 3 different options to add QR code to your site easily:

  1. It gives you a widget to put on your sidebar like the one in this website.
  2. You will have a short-code to use inside your posts and pages
  3. You will also get a PHP function so you can hard code it inside your own template.

The set up process could not be any easier all you have to do is to go to your plugin section of WordPress and go to new Plugin, in the Search bar type in the name “Super Cool QRCode” and then click on the install, after its done just activate and your done

To read more about QR code and specifically this plugin and how to use it; look at the authors site here.

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