Make a Website With WordPress And Why

I was introduced to WordPress about a year ago and ever since I have not launched any website without using wordpress for the few reasons and here they are:

1. Its a free tool and its easy to install

WordPress is an open-source software which means that you can make any modifications that you like to it and then use it for Free. In addition to that most Hosting companies specially the ones with cpanel, have an automated installation script for this software so the whole process will take about 30 seconds and for the manual installation well I think the installation page says it the best, after entering some basic information in 1 page(6 fields or so) you click submit and page says “that’s it if you were looking for more steps sorry to disappoint you!” and that is right.

2.It can be turned into anything that you want using plugins

If you are looking to setup a blog well WordPress is originally designed for that. you want to make a static like website? well just setup the pages and you are good to go.

You need a new invoice system to be added to the WordPress Website well just install the plugin for Free and you have it. You need a Gallery? how about an ecommerce site? or maybe you are looking to stream your video or podcast well you can do that too. You want to make your site mobile friendly? just install a plugin and its done. How about a Calendar and a To-do List well you have a plugin for that too.

Basically anything that you can possibly think of you will find a plugin that will do it for you and most plugins in WordPress are Free as well so if you installed one and you didn’t like it that’s easy just delete it and install another one and after you found it just keep it in your hard drive.

3.there are thousands of themes to choose from and changing the themes are easy

You can find thousands of WordPress themes online and if you don’t want to pay for the theme that’s fine too you can find thousands of Free Themes for your WordPress website and after installation you can make the changes in the back-end you don’t need dream weaver to make the changes as you have the editor right there for you all you need is the decent understanding of PHP and MySQL and that’s it.

4.Its Easy to maintain

It is easy to update the WordPress script as it comes with an automated update script all you have to do is just to click a button inside the admin panel and the script will do all the heavy lifting for you. And for updating the content of the site well you login to the site and then go to the page that you want to update or even delete and just start typing and when you are done you say publish its that easy. You even have the ability to keep a page as a draft or even schedule it for future date.

5. You don’t need a lot of resources to run WordPress

All you need to have is PHP and MySQL and the ability to FTP the Script to the site(if they don’t have the automated script in the cpanel).

6. It is extremely flexible

In a WordPress website you can even make changes to the back-end to the point that it will look completely different to everyone you can add your own logo instead of the standard WordPress logo to the back-end as well as the login page. you can make certain part of the pages to be hidden or to be added.

WordPress websites will give you the ability to produce a very professional website for your client in a fraction of the time that it would take you to make it from scratch, and that is why I don’t do any website without using WordPress in the back-end of the site.

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