I’m sure you have thought about this before:

Why would someone get a dedicated server when they can do everything with a shared hosting account?!

Well the answer is simple each one of these account have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Shared hosting first, on each shared account depend on your hosting package and hosting limitations you can host 100s of sites without any problem.

They are cheap and they work perfectly for small websites and even some large ones but with the shared hosting account you can only run some scripts because your server is shared between you and 100s even 1000s of other websites so if you are using a script that uses a lots of resources like lots of CPU or memory some one in the hosting company will shut your script down so other websites in that server can work.

Another example is when you have a lots of traffic coming to your site at one time this will use a lot of resources of the server and you will have the same problem.

Dedicated server on the other hand is a complete server at your command you can do whatever you want with it what ever software you want install and run on it and they are taken care of by the hosting company but they are very expensive(in comparison).

So if you are looking for a hosting for a small company and that website doesn’t do anything heaving on resources then use the shared account but if it does get a dedicated server and that would work for you.

It all comes down to what are the requirements in another word what is it that you want to do and always remember here at Developers Creed we are to help so just ask us questions.

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