I remember when I was in university, as part of our web development course we had to make a calculator using JAVA, I finished coding it and took it to my tutor and when we tried to open, oh yeah the flash drive was busted. I ended up doing the whole project again and you are not going to believe this but this one was faulty too and then I just emailed the whole code to myself. but these days we don’t need to worry about a faulty flash drive well unless you want to install the whole OS from your flash drive you don’t really need them anymore.

A Web Developer doesn’t need a lots of space and as a web developer you will need to have access to your file faster and you can not wait ages to get your files and at times you might need to collaborate and share files with designers so I would recommend you to open an account with DropBox, they will give you 2GB of Storage for free that you can access through net as well as through a web interface that will allow you to Download/Upload files and manage the files that you already have there.

Plus if you install the application that they will give you on multiple PCs anytime that you make changes to one of the files inside DropBox Folder it will be automatically updated in all of them, this feature makes it perfect for collaborations on coding or I don’t know maybe for students(WHY WEREN”T THESE AVAILIBLE IN MY JAVA CLASS!!! …lol).

And after setup there isn’t much that you need to do to work with it just save your code in their and it is saved on there server.

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