An open-source software is a free software that you have access to the source code so you van modify it and customize it to suit your projects needs. That is a very important and useful feature of the open-source software because most of the work is already done. When you get WordPress or zen-cart the main features needed for these platforms are already there and you just have to make dome small changes to make it work for your project. Of you choose an open-source platform that has a strong community like WordPress your job is even much easier because that means that there ate plenty of other people that are willing to help you with your problems and because most open-source platforms support the use of plugins a strong community means a lot more plugins and a lot more possibilities with that platform which means a lot less coding and customization for you.
When it comes to open-source software like WordPress and Prestashop there is another thing that make then a valuable asset for any web developer, we already talked about plugins and The other one is The theme . You can change the entire interface of the software or a we site I’m a few minutes and a few clicks and then you can even customize that look further.
Open-source solutions will save you and your clients a lot of time and money when developing a website or web system like an ecommerce.

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