design is not about being pretty “print in disguise is ramped on the web” meaning beautiful failures will win awards. design is about solving problems. To find a problem and then solve it.

design is means to an end not the end design has to be involved at the beginning because its big part of any project not a very little thing at the end of the project

Make your web design the way that they can not put their finger on what have you done that makes it so wonderful design.

Always remember “the web is about a single user and the information they choose to interact with.” so design has to be for a specific user, in your design user has to drive the context.

ask your clients: “this is the answer to question you asked, but here the question you should be asking”.

Look at Amazon as an example they do it on the fly and don’t be distracted by failure.

If you have to fail , fail quickly and learn from it and move on

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