Less is more don’t make your site too busy

Remember; you don’t want to wow the visitors you want to give them the information to them.

Put 1 quality image on the website and it will be much much better that having 10 bad quality images on the other pages.

Your main page is the main point of the contact it is the place that you visitors first will see so it is the most important page of the site.

Always update your site with high quality and useful information for the visitors so they will come back to your site.

You are not making the website for yourself you are making it for your visitors so make the site for them make it easy to navigate, easy to understand FOR THEM.

focus on the product or service that you are selling to the client or the information that you want them to have not how the site is looking.

A good web design is:

  1. clean – don’t fill every corner of the page let their eyes have some rest on the page you don’t want to make them tired.
  2. crisp – make it look crisp it will show that it was done with a designer and not a 5 year old.
  3. focused – make the page focused on the function that page has. if it is a contact page make it a contact page if it is the main page make it about your product and not about everything else be focused on the subject.
  4. honest – if they don’t trust your site they wont stay there so be honest with them.
  5. a little unpredictable – we all like a little bit of interesting stuff on the site but A LITTLE don’t over do it.

First white what you want to design, what are you designing it for(product) then organise what it around what you want to say and then do it.

always design around information that you want to get to visitors and not the look of the site, you can change the look around the content but you cant change the content around the image. remember they are not in your site to see how cool it looks they are there to get the information that you have.

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