Finding a good web hosting company is a difficult task at times but as an expert, it is likely that they will ask for your openion about the hosting that they want to get or the one that they already have.

Remember when you are recommending a service to a csutomer the customer will almost always think that “it is your hosting so you have to sort it out!” should you have any problems with the server so here are the list of the things that I would recommend for you to concider if you decide to recommend a service to your client:

  1. Always make sure that the client knows that you are only recommending the service because accourding your research it is the best service for their needs
  2. Make sure that the hosting company has a very good customer support so for the first time I would call and ask a series of questions that a 5 year old would know the answer to just to see how they are handling this.
  3. You are recommending them to a client so make sure that have a good reputation and for how long they have been in the business.
  4. ask other people who have used them to see is the uptime that they are advertising close to the truth or not.
  5. and before recommending a hosting make sure that the hosting package has everything that you( and your client) need (eg. if you are using ASP get a windows hosting, and if you are using PHP get a linux one.)
  6. Check the price and shop around differnt hosting companies offer different prices so just have a look to see which one is the best for you and your client.
  7. try to get a hosting package that gives you the most bandwidth and webspace so when your site becomes successfull you dont have a bandwidth limitation.
  8. You are recommending a service, it doesnt mean that you dont have to get paid for it. find a service that offers everything that you want and need for any of your clients and then become their affiliate and then recommend it to your client(dont push it to them just give them the choice).
  9. Make sure your hosting has a cpanel or something with all of the functionallities of cpanel this would make your life a lot easier.
  10. if you are using an open source platform like WordPress or Zencart make sure that you can install it and also look to see if they have an automated installation method like simple script or Fantastico so you can install them fast.
  11. Make sure they have a good analytical tool so you can see Who, when and why came to your site.
  12. in some cases you will need to have different subdomains make sure your hosting supports more than one. eg. if you need one for mobile site and one for the shopping cart then you will need 2 subdomain so make sure they can provide you with this.
  13. Lots of web hosting companies provide you with web templates and other goodies make sure that you dont base your decision on them.
  14. Try to get a hosting that provides you with domain registration as well so you dont have to go back and forth to deal with the domain issues.

You can find some good web hosting recommendations here in our website hosting reviews page.

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