Social Crowd plugin will allow you to show how many people in this five social networking media are following your blog / website.

The Social Media which is supported are ; Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Feedburner. Other Social Networking sites will be added to this plugin in the near future.

The results don’t have any formatting which means you can add the web-site‘s feel and look to them and blend them into your own site’s theme perfectly.

This plugin will be adding SocialCrowd_Stats(); function to be added to the WordPress and using this function you can get the status of one network or all of them and you can add it anywhere in the code if you add it with a social media name like ‘facebook’,’twitter’,’feedburner’,’youtube’, ‘vimeo’ (please note that all names are in lower case) to the function it will return the status of that media and if you simply add the function without and parameters it will return an associated array with all of the statuses in it.

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