• How good are their support team both in technical knowledge and also in being helpful

HostGator‘s Support team are knowledgeable and friendly and Extremely helpful, polite and eager to help you in any way they can. In addition You can call them, submit a ticket and my favorite chat with a real person in a real time which is a fantastic thing for a web developer as it practically document the whole process for you.

This is my rating for their support:

Quality Score out of 10
Knowledgeable 9
Friendly & Polite 10
Helpful and Eager to Help 10
Total Score out of 10 9.66






  • How reliable is the service they are providing and how fast is it?

they have a record of 95.84% and the server’s transfer speed is a very good and decent speed. however they put too many websites on one server(which is why they are able to provide such a great service with this low cost) and this will reduce the speed of the server itself to some degree but not enough to be very noticeable for an average website.

Here are my Scores for their service

Quality Scores out of 10
Reliability 9
Speed 9
Total Scores out of 10 9
  • What is the management system they are using(cpanel, custom,etc.) and is it mobile friendly.

HostGator uses a normal cpanel for control panel of the hosting service they provide and as yet it is not mobile friendly. Their cpanel uses Fantastico and it comes with a lot of Scripts including WordPress, Zen-Cart, Noahs Classified, Drupal, Joomla, PHP-Nuke, OSTicket, PHPBB, OS Commerce, CubeCart, phpCOIN, PHPlist, Advanced Poll, dotProject, PHProjekt, phpWiki, Moodle, OpenX, PHPAuction, WebCalendar and more…

In their cpanel you will have access to Billing system for the account, Database Management Section, File Management Section, Email Management Section, Logs Section, Security Section, Domain Section, Services and Software Section and Advanced Section including Cron jobs. In the left side of the Screen you will find the traffic for each of your sites for today, yesterday, this month and last month as well as domain details like name server information, Statistics about the server and also status of automatic backup by HostGator of your site and of course the account information.

This makes the cpanel one page for everything that you need to monitor. Available search and Help that make the learning process for using of cpanel like a walk in the park. Also in their cpanel you can move, collapse and expand different sections of it that will give you more control over the cpanel and the ability to organise the cpanel in a way that you are comfortable with.

Another Important factor in any hosting is how fast does the management software they provide you with execute commands, in the case of hostgator this is very fast and near instantaneous.

Quality Score out of 10
Automatic Installation 8
Ease of use 10
Learning curve for using the cpanel 9
Ability to organise the cpanel 10
Speed of execution of commands 10
Total Score out of 10 9.4
  • How much do you have to pay and what do you get for your money.

Price for hosting with HostGator is very low and it starts from $3.95 per month to $10.36 per month for shared hosting and for dedicated servers it starts from only $174.00 per month.

With HostGator you also will get your domain for free for as long as you are hosting with them and also they will give you $100 AdWords and $25 on Bing and yahoo advertising credit to get you started.

  • All facts considered her are the scores for HostGator:

Quality Score out of 10
Support Team 9.66
Reliability of Service 9
Control Panel 9.4
Total Score out of 10 9.35

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