Ninja Announcements is a wordpress plugin that will allow you to create an announcements and display them in different locations on your site which is a very handy thing to have on a website.

You can set them to be displayed between specific dates and times which makes it perfect for seasonal greetings and messages like site anniversary announcements that you can setup now to be displayed at the specified date.

The plugin uses the WordPress resources like media and video files so you don’t have to create another gallery or upload everything twice to get it working and yes you can add text, images and videos using the WordPress built in text editor.

Each announcement has its own settings and you can edit or even delete them and after they have been passed it automatically deactivate them you can then activate, edit or even delete them all together (talk about full control!).

But what I like about this plugin is that installation of it is so easy; you download, upload, activate. That’s it cool huh?

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