Using your own domain name as a place to have email address is a very good way to open a professional look and feel for your business or your clients email addresses.

By email address for a website i mean for it would be email address and here are different kinds of email addresses and methods that you can use:

  1. Actual email address, this is a name that I gave to the email addresses that have inbox and outbox like the emails that you open with yahoo, GMail, can make these using your cpanel all you have to do is to go to the “email Accounts” and just create a new one. in there you will find resources that will show you how to setup your email program to access them and you can even access it using your browser. These are a very good things for people that are working inside the company like or
  2. Virtual email address, this is what I call them when there is no inbox for them. the way they work is that server will send the emails that are sent to the server to a specific email address to another one. Why would you use it? well they are perfect when you don’t want to have an inbox and you don’t want to send an email from it like usually there is no-one checking this email but every email is received by they are perfect for sales enquiries and tickets. Just add one or two of the following tools and you will have a very professional looking email setup for your client.

you can use these tools to make a use of these email addresses:

  1. Auto-responder; this tool will automatically respond to every email that it receives like the respond that you will get when you request a quote or request information from an email and it will automatically get a respond that “I received your email and I will be contacting you as soon as possible.”
  2. catch-all; it is a Forwarder for All the emails sent to one domain however they are by default disabled by most web hosting companies and you can activate them if you contact your web hosting company.
  3. Forwarders; this are one of the best features on a cpanel in my opinion. the way they are working is that all emails sent to one email address will automatically forwarded to another one so you can set it up so if anyone send any emails to it will be send to and at the same time and automatically. Very handy feature if the business is using teams so everyone would have the same information at the same time.
  4. Filters; The way they work is that you setup some rules that if your email is meet those criteria it will send it to another email. they are perfect for categorising and organising the emails that you are receiving automatically. One of the tricks that I use is that I set two different rules that are conflicting one says if the email is from send it to and the other says if the email is not form send it to . this way all the emails sent to this email address will be sent to .
  5. Mailing list; These are fantastic if you would like to send an email to a large group of people like newsletters.

An Lastly always when you are making emails for a client first put everything on a paper and just draw it and make sure this is what your client wants or you have to redo it, OK its not that big of the work but that’s something that you don’t really need to do so why do it.

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