Cleverness To-Do-List is a wordpress plugin that will help you to remember anything by creating a To-Do list inside the admin Dashboard With all of the Items that you have added to it. You can set lists for individual(just for yourself), for a group(like for collaboration on a project) or for everyone who is logged in.

You can assign tasks to your users and have them only see those tasks which makes it perfect if you are planning a project or managing one.

You can even set categories and set permission for different user groups to have different capabilities.

This is a very helpful wordpress plugin specially in the development stage of the site as you can set all the tasks that needed to be done and then simply start doing them and on the Dashboard it will tel you what you have done and what you still have to do so you never miss a step or a task again.
As usual installation is very easy as this plugin is available on so you just have to search for it on the Add new plugin section and the configuration is very easy to follow and clear.
You can use it for example to tell people that just created an account with you to complete their profile, add a picture or avatar or do something else to complete their account creation like changing the password.
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