If you have your own blog or if you have a website that requires you to update it very regularly but you are like me and don’t want to or you cant work on them every single day, hour and minute then this is definitely the best plugin that I have found for you.

Its called Auto Future Date. What does it do? well it schedules your posts for you without you going to the calendar and doing the scheduling yourself. this way you can spread the posts and entries to your site with as little effort as possible so you can concentrate on adding the content and not the when.

All you have to do for this WordPress plugin is to install it and then go to the settings and set up what time of the day you post to the site and what are the minimum and maximum amount of time between each post to the next and then every time you want to make a post you simply click on the “Auto” link right at the top of the Publish Button and its done for you.

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