When you make a connection between your blog and another blog, your blog will talk to the other blog and tell it that it has made a connection o the page or post on it, this is known as pinging and it is a very good thing as it will connect the relevant content to each other however if you connect your post or page to another part of your own site WordPress will start talking to itself and telling itself that it has made a connection and for me; well that’s  just annoying because everytime I make a post and I connect to another one that has relevant information about the subject that I am writting about I will get a ping back which then I have to delete as I don’t want it in.

There is a WordPress Plugin called No Self Pings this plugin will solve that problem by automatically removing all the pingbacks from your own site when you add them in.

By using this plugin I don’t need to worry about the ping backs from my own site and the ping backs from the other sites; are treated as a ping back should which makes it much easier to work on the site. You could say it makes the WordPress stop talking to itself!

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